Five Mauldin Police Department employees resigned from the department within a three day period last week.

Three employees resigned on June 4. One resigned on June 5, and another resigned on June 7, according to the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy.

According to resignation documents, four employees were listed as Class 1 Law Enforcement officers. One employee was listed as an E-911 operator.

While the resignation documents said the reason for the employees’ resignations did not involve misconduct, Mauldin City Administrator Brandon Madden said the resignations were part of disciplinary actions that were taken because of violations of the city’s code. Madden said the violations did not involve citizens, members of the public, or the delivery of services.

Mauldin City Council member Scott Crosby said the issue involved taxpayers’ money.

“If you’re on your job, and you’re not doing the job you’re assigned to do, that’s a misuse of funds,” Crosby said.

Madden said any inappropriate behavior that occurs will be handled in accordance with the city’s personnel policies.

“Our directors did an excellent job of the problem that arose, and it’s been properly resolved,” Crosby said.

Crosby said it’s not his place as a council member to discuss the details of personnel decisions, but he wants to assure the people of Mauldin that their tax dollars are in good hands.

“We have the lowest taxes in the county,” Crosby said. “I’m proud of that…we do it by being very careful with that money, and I expect our employees to do that. And most of them do.”

South Carolina Law Enforcement Division told 7News that they have not been asked to investigate the resignations.

We will update this story as information becomes available.