SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The death toll in the Hawaii Fires continues to rise, now up to 106.

President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden are set to travel to Maui on Monday.

7NEWS spoke to someone from the Upstate who now lives in Maui.

“I think it is really hard to understand what is going on without being here,” said Summer LaBelle, who is from the Greenville area and has lived in Maui for three years.

“It really is just chaos. Currently, things are starting to settle, people are displaced, thousands of people lost their homes,” she said.

She said Maui is grieving.

“The trauma that people went through and where do they go from here? We already have a housing crisis, so how do people now find homes when all of Lahaina burnt down,” said LaBelle.

She lives in the Upcountry, about 20-30 minutes from Lahaina. The fires have already spread to her area.

“My roommates and I woke up probably around 4 a.m. on the eighth, because there was a fire up in Olinda, which is 10 minutes from our house. We could smell the smoke; it woke us up,” she said.

In the early days, LaBelle said nobody knew what was going on.

“That whole day we were just kind of trying to understand, like the winds are really bad because the hurricane is passing, fires are starting all over Upcountry, what do we do? Do we pack stuff just in case we need to evacuate?” she said.

LaBelle and her roommates ended up leaving that night.

“It was kind of popping up around our house, we could see it out our window,” she said.

LaBelle said she and her friends have been delivering supplies by boat.

“We just took 100s of supplies over to Lahaina, so we’re doing the most that we can. I think everybody here is all hands-on deck,” she said.

She is grateful she and her roommates still have their house, but said everyone is devastated.

“Keep Maui in your prayers, I think there’s a lot of heaviness right now and people need hope,” said LaBelle.

LaBelle said when Maui regroups, people should continue to go there because a lot of people rely on the tourism for a living.