BELTON, SC (WSPA) – A man has been arrested after a multi-county pursuit ended with the seizure of drugs and guns in Belton.

The Belton police chief says the incident started at about 1 p.m. Sunday.

Dash cam video shows how things changed after officers tried to stop a car with the wrong license plate. The driver drove off and it turned into a pursuit that continued thru winding roads and two counties.

“The traffic stop was initiated within the city limits of Belton here in our jurisdiction and it expanded out into the county of Anderson and also went into Greenville County and he came back into Anderson County,” Belton Police Chief Ross Richey said.

The Chief tells us there were three people in the car and at one point, the video shows the passenger in the back seat trying to communicate with officers.

“The one female passenger was in the rear passenger seat. Multiple times during the pursuit, officers stated that she attempted to wave her hand and there were times when she would look at officers and try to word something from her mouth, so it was unsure at the time if she was being held against her will,” Chief Richey said.

Chief Richey says the suspected driver, identified as Jonathan Josey Carter, reached speeds of up to 80-miles per hour, with deputies following him.

Carter then went into a populated area, that’s when officers slowed down and ended the pursuit.

“Our officers got into an area where there was a lot of congestion and they terminated the pursuit and they were notified a few minutes later that the vehicle that they had been pursuing had crashed,” Chief Richey said.

That crash happened on Rogers Road near Highway 8.

According to deputies, the passengers were not charged or hurt. Investigators found drugs and guns in the car. 26-year-old Carter is facing multiple charges.

“Officers have to make split second decisions all the time and I actually commend our officers for terminating the pursuit when they did, when they got into an area with congested traffic,” Chief Richey said.

The suspect is currently still in the hospital recovering from injuries. When he’s released, he’ll be taken to Anderson County Detention Center.

Jonathan Carter faces multiple charges including: Possession of Firearm during the commission of a violent crime, Trafficking Methamphetamine, Failure to stop for blue lights.