GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- On a day when millions of Americans celebrate independence, many abortion-rights advocates in Greenville held a rally, saying they can’t celebrate freedom with the new restrictions on their bodies.

“We are not free, and I will not celebrate Fourth of July,” Abortion-rights advocate Chelsea Burgess said.

At an abortion rights protest last week, police arrested several people charged with disorderly conduct, interfering with police and resisting arrest.

This time, the protest in the same spot was peaceful.

Greenville resident Joanne Macrelli said, “I feel for these people that are here today and I hope that maybe there will be some softening of the law.”

There were also counter-protesters across the street, who took a stand against abortion.

“Well, our stance right now is winning thanks to the supreme court decision that overturned a very, very bad old ruling,” Anti-abortion protester Joseph Niepke said.

However, organizers of the abortion-rights protest say they hope their efforts are effective.

Burgess said, “Other groups are up next essentially and so we are not free and I will not celebrate Fourth of July until we actually are free. It is time for another revolution.”

Abortion-rights advocates say they plan to hold more of these protests until they see change.