ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA) – As many people head back to work after the July 4 holiday weekend, one group of workers are questioning what happened to their American flags.

“This area we are in today is dedicated to the veterans, and we have a veteran memorial. Primarily veterans are buried here,” said Doug McDougald, Forest Lawn Cemetery owner.

It’s in this section that every patriotic holiday that they line the drive with American flags.

“They noticed the flags were missing. When they did an inspection of the cemetery, they noticed that, in this spot, there were approximately 21 of 30 flags that were laying burned,” McDougald said.

There was charred grass sprinkled with pieces of stars and stripes.

“I would like an explanation. I mean why would you do that degrade or disrespect our veterans,” said Kristi Pulliam, Anderson resident.

The public is now speaking out on social media, and are upset that this happened in their community.

“I have never heard of a cemetery experiencing this and we’ve never had this happen and talking to other cemetery owners they’ve never experienced it either,” McDougald said.

The hunt is on to find the person or people involved in this act of vandalism, but the owners said this will not stop them from putting flags up in the future.

“We have a strong veteran community here in Anderson and you know if they’ll do it here at our cemetery what’s to prevent them from doing it somewhere else,” McDouglad said.

Anyone with information about these flags or who might have been involved in this incident should call the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office or the cemetery.