A lawsuit against Sheriff John Skipper and three of his deputies claims they were wrong in shooting a mentally disabled man.

Deputies shot Jonathan Chad Christian at his father’s home on December 10th, 2015. Deputies say that Chad was getting ready to wield a brick at them when they shot him in the back.

The lawsuit also claims that deputies were familiar with Chad’s history of mental illness and that they’d even been there earlier in the evening for a call in relation to his manic issues. According to a supplemental report, Chad’s father told deputies that he was off his medicine.

Lawyer Ryan Beasley is representing Christian, and immediately filed Freedom of Information Act requests in the case.

Beasley received several photos that a supervisor at the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office took right after shooting happened, showing only one brick laying next to Christian.

Photos that Beasley received from SLED, who arrived an hour after the shooting happened, show several bricks moved from the first photos.

Beasley also says the case was closed by former Deputy Solicitor Rame Campbell on March 10th, after reviewing only part of the SLED investigation.

We asked Solicitor Chrissy Adams about that, here is a statement she provided us with:

“It came to my attention that prior to his resigning, Deputy Solicitor Rame Campbell reviewed a partial SLED investigation in reference to the officer involved shooting of Jonathan Chad Christian, and then he closed that same SLED file by way of letter on March 10, 2016.  To my knowledge, Mr. Campbell did not consult with any other attorneys within my office, including myself, prior to declining to pursue charges against the officers involved in the case nor did he review a complete case file.  In order to avoid any appearance of impropriety, several weeks ago I sent the entire SLED file to the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office for an independent review.  The 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office has agreed to handle the review as to whether criminal charges against the officers are warranted as well as any charges against Mr. Christian.”

Campbell disputes the statement saying he reviewed all of the evidence that SLED had gathered.

We reached out to the Sheriff’s Office for comment, they say they have not been served with the lawsuit yet and that they do not comment on potential cases.