ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- Anderson County emergency crews had to shut down Shackleburg Rd., Scott’s Bridge Road, Booker Street, and Susan Street.

Officials say Shackleburg Road saw some of the worst flooding in Anderson County.

High waters on Shackleburg is nothing Brandy Singleton hasn’t seen before.

Singleton said, “This road has a tendency to flood every time there’s any consistent amount of rain.”

Anytime it happens, she says it’s a big inconvenience.

“It takes a solid 10 minutes to get around, and that’s on a light traffic time,” Singleton said.

Even though emergency management works hard to make sure everyone stays safe on roadways after heavy rains, they also want you to do your part as the driver.

“A lot of people think, ok there’s just a little bit of water standing in the roadway, but they don’t realize you can’t see what’s under the roadway,” Anderson County Emergency Manager Josh Hawkins said. “We highly recommend the normal everyday saying of turn around don’t drown.”

Singleton says she’s seen plenty of people who don’t listen to that advice…

“You wouldn’t believe the amount of individuals that try to drive over a flooded road,” Singleton said.

So if you ever find yourself in flood waters, here’s what officials say you should do.

“If your car is floating away, it’s best to crack the windows, and roll them down, so that you can physically get out of the car. If the water gets up to a certain level on your doors, it’s going to be hard, if not impossible to open your doors, and then if it gets above the battery, you may lose power to your car and not be able to roll your windows down,” Hawkins said.

Emergency management says they’re hoping the water will have gone down completely by tomorrow morning.

Once the water has gone down to a safe level, any closed roads will reopen.