ANDERSON Co., SC (WSPA) – Anderson County deputies may finally have the body cameras required by state law by January.

Every day, dozens of deputies suit up and hit the road across Anderson County.

“I try to represent the Sheriff’s Office as best I can, you know treat everyone with the same respect I want to be treated with,” said Deputy Robert Molina with ACSO.

The relationships the deputies build are their connection to the community, but this agency is still missing a key component to law enforcement in the 21st century.

“The public demands a high level of technology, we personally have a high level of technology with phones and computers so we want to see our county agencies respond and be compatible with it also,” said Craig Wooten who is on Anderson County Council.

The county’s Finance Committee is now backing the Sheriff’s Office by recommending the funding needed for body cameras.

“They feel like it’s a great program too and it’s needed. Realistically, we are one of the last agencies in the Upstate to not have body cameras,” said Sheriff Chad McBride.

McBride said it was a two year process to get grant funding that will cover the first year’s cost, then county council would pick up the next four to have a five year funding plan in place.

“But with anything we fund like this we want to make sure we get updates, and if it’s being done correctly because eventually the funding will have to be re-approved,” Wooten said.

The full council will vote on December 3rd to allow the sheriff to move forward with 120 cameras at roughly $180,000 a year.

“It’s going to be another advantage for us to help prove what we did was what we said we did,” Molina said.

The goal is to start with the road patrol and officers who interact with the public on a daily basis.