ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – Law enforcement across the state and the country are struggling to find people to fill open jobs, but the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office is trying something new.

The agency put together a recruitment video highlighting their different departments and new tools they use on the job.

The goal was to reach people who may have never thought about joining law enforcement, but can now see it’s not just uniform patrol.

One of the biggest needs for the county is at the detention center so a second video was pushed out from the viewpoint of the current detention officers.

“You see the outside, the razor wire, the fence, most people don’t understand what goes on inside the jail, but the videos themselves especially interviewing the employees is great. I thought that was outstanding it gives the perspective of the guys and girls already working here,” said Kevin Matheson who’s the director at the detention center.

The three main areas of hiring right now include uniform patrol, the detention center and dispatch, but the sheriff’s office said they are always accepting qualified applicants.