ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- Plans for developing the East-West Parkway in Anderson are up in the air as the city and county are working to get on the same page.

The East-West Parkway connects the two busiest roads in Anderson.

“Clemson Boulevard, almost 30,000 cars per day. Highway 81, almost 25,000 cars per day,” county council member John Wright, Jr. said.

Since the road was built around 2011, the land on each side has remained undeveloped.

“It’s really a beautiful stretch of property on both sides of the parkway,” Wright said.

Anderson County owns most of that land.

“When the road was built there was some very intentional zoning and an overlay district put in place by Anderson County,” Wright said.

County council members say undeveloped is how they want it to stay.

“The county feels that the zoning that was put in place at that time is appropriate to preserve not only the natural beauty of it but also to control the traffic patterns and everything else that goes along when you increase the density of development,” Wright said.

However, the city owns a portion of the land, and is working to annex part of the parkway with hopes to build on it, saying it’s important to keep up with the growth Anderson is experiencing.

City council member Matt Harbin said, “The city started a plan last year, to do a comprehensive plan, not just for the east-west connector but for the whole city. There were some developers approached the city throughout the year.”

With two different visions, both the city and county are working to come together to make a plan.

“The city doesn’t want to go in and mass annex everything and develop it on our plans. The city wants to work with the county, the citizens who we both represent and get what’s best for our area,” Harbin said.

The city has opened the discussion to residents of Anderson.

They held a community forum earlier this week, to hear from people on what their opinions are on the East-West Parkway.

The city says there could be another community forum in the future, as this conversation continues. We’ll let you know as soon as that is scheduled.