UPSTATE, S.C. (WSPA) – Upstate school districts are switching to an eLearning day for Tuesday due to the winter storm.

Abbeville County School District

Due to hazardous road conditions in parts of the county, Abbeville County School District said they will operate an eLearning platform for Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Anderson School District One

Students, faculty and staff in Anderson School District One will be switching to an eLearning day on Tuesday, Jan. 18., officials said.

Anderson County School District Four

Anderson School District Four announced they will have an eLearning day on Tuesday, Jan. 18, due to dangerous road conditions caused by winter weather.  All district facilities will be closed and activities are canceled.  

Anderson School District Five

Anderson School District Five announced Tuesday will be an eLearning day for students.

The district said the likelihood of unsafe travel conditions in certain areas of the district led to the decision.

Road crews are working to clear snow and ice from the roadways but with temperatures expected to dip below freezing black ice is a concern for Tuesday.

Greenwood School District 50

Greenwood School District 50 announced Tuesday, Jan. 18, will be an eLearning day for the district.

School district officials said eLearning assignments will be posted to Seesaw or Google Classroom for students in grades 1st -12th. K4 & K5 students will complete paper packets of independent work.

Superintendent Glenn said the district came to this decision due to the road conditions in the northern part of the district.

Greenville County Schools

Greenville County Schools announced Tuesday will be an eLearning day.

Officials said all activities and facilities are closed due to unsafe travel conditions and forecasts for extremely low temperatures.

Students will complete eLearning assignments later if they are unable to participate due to power outages, lack of internet service or other barriers, according to school officials. Once operations resume, school personnel will begin rescheduling events as appropriate. 

Laurens County School District 55

Laurens County School District 55 has announced an eLearning Day for district schools for Tuesday, Jan. 18. All afterschool activities are also canceled.

LCSD 55 said eLearning means that teachers will post assignments for students and there will be no live instruction. Students will have five school days from the date of return to complete assignments.

Limestone University

Due to hazardous road conditions, Limestone University announced that Tuesday will be an eLearning day.

The campus in Gaffney will be closed on Tuesday for non-essential personnel related to serving the campus community during winter weather.

School District of Oconee County

Due to the snow and ice still covering many roads and continued power outages throughout the county, School District of Oconee County said Tuesday is be a eLearning day.

School officials said students will not report to school buildings and assignments will be posted by 10 a.m. Teachers will be available for office hours from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. 

Students will have five days upon returning to school to turn in assignments, according to officials.  If assignments are not completed and turned in within those five days, the student will be considered absent for the eLearning day.

Athletic practices scheduled for Monday, Jan. 17, are canceled, officials said. Athletic events scheduled for Tuesday, Jan. 18, have been rescheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 19.

School District of Pickens County

Officials said Tuesday will be an eLearning day for students, faculty and staff in the School District of Pickens County.

School officials said this allows students to make up days missed to inclement weather or other emergencies by completing a set of assignments within five school days.

Spartanburg School District One

According to officials, Spartanburg School District One has decided to switch to eLearning on Tuesday.

Spartanburg School District Two

Spartanburg School District Two officials has announced an eLearning day for Tuesday, Jan. 18.

Officials said this is due to the weather and road conditions.

Spartanburg School District Three

Spartanburg School District Three said they will be switching to eLearning Tuesday.

Spartanburg School District Four

Spartanburg School District Four announced Tuesday is an eLearning day for it’s students, faculty and staff.

Officials said students will need to log on to their devices and assignments will be uploaded for them to complete.

Spartanburg School District Five

Spartanburg School District Five said Tuesday will be an eLearning day for students, faculty and staff.

Spartanburg School District Six

Tuesday will be an eLearning day for students, faculty and staff in Spartanburg School District Six, according to school officials.

Spartanburg School District Seven

Due to hazardous road conditions, Spartanburg School District 7 school officials have announced Tuesday will be a eLearning day.

School officials said this is not a remote learning day, therefore, students will not have to log on for live instruction. Teachers will be in touch will students regarding assignments, if they have not already provided them.