PENDLETON, S.C. (WSPA) – Anderson School District 4 is seeing a population boom and proposed a plan to address the growth.

Superintendent Dee Christopher said the district expects to add about 1,300 students over the next 10 years. This averages about a 3% increase each year.

The district has savings for a few upgrades, but said they need permission from taxpayers in order to put the full plan in place.

The district meets with the school board Monday, Aug.14 to discuss a potential bond referendum. 

“The plan is that we will build a brand new Pendleton High School, we’ll move our current middle school to the current Pendleton High School, we will move our sixth grade into our middle school…our sixth graders currently go to elementary school and then we will build on one of our elementary schools because it is growing faster as so we will need some more space there,” said Christopher. 

The district said if the board approves the resolution, the decision will be up to voters in November. 

April Hendricks, a teacher at Mount Lebanon Elementary said the growth is affecting the availability of resources for schools across the district. 

“In order to meet the needs of our students as learners, having a small class size which is something our district has always prioritized makes a huge difference in academic achievement. We’re running out of space for that,” said Hendricks. 

Also as a mother,  she is hopeful for the vote to pass and believes the quality of the children’s education depends on it. 

“For me as a mom it shows this district is invested in providing for the students of the community . It means that they want to continue to make the changes necessary to support the growth that is occurring so that as our child moves from elementary school to middle school into highschool she’s able to continue to receive small class size and she’s able to continue to have what she needs for electives and extracurricular activities,” said Hendricks. 

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