ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- Hope Missions has opened their doors 24 hours a day in the cold weather, making sure people experiencing homelessness are warm.

Homelessness is a struggle Calvin Geer says a majority of people don’t understand.

“A lot of us have nowhere to go,” Geer said.

Geer says he’s experienced homelessness for five years, “You got a lot of homeless people out here. We’re by ourselves and it doesn’t feel good.”

However, he says he found relief when he came across Hope Missions.

“They have blessed me tremendously,” Geer said.

They’re usually open Monday through Saturday, with limited hours during breakfast time.

However, with such freezing weather, director of Hope Missions Dave Phillips says they got worried about everyone’s safety.

Phillips said, “Anytime its below 38 degrees, prolonged exposure to cold can really have some bad effects on individuals.”

That’s why they decided to stay open all hours of the day, serving three meals and giving beds to those who need it.

“We’ve already had two different churches here today. One is providing breakfast, one is providing lunch, my wife is actually making dinner. But most importantly, we’re proving a warm place for folks to come,” Phillips said.

Phillips says providing these things for people experiencing homelessness is just a part of what they do.

He says what really matters is that they know they are cared for.

“Page one of the bible tells us we’re all created in the image of god. We just want to love people where they are. We want to see the people who are unseen. We want to be able to embrace those that really haven’t been embraced,” Phillips said.

Hope Missions says they will keep their doors open 24 hours a day until the cold front has passed.

They still need volunteers for this weekend. If you’re interested, they say to call their office at (864) 359-2396.