ANDERSON, S.C. (WSPA)- The City of Anderson is continuing to make big strides in growth.

One of the biggest projects underway will transform a huge eyesore downtown. County leaders said the acre on McDuffie Street has been an empty eye sore for a while.

“It was in very poor condition, and I guess about 10 years ago the county tore it down, County administrator John Caime said.

They said the weeds have grown out and the brick wall that encloses it is falling down. However soon, the area will look like this, a green space for people to enjoy.

“The county’s vision is to hopefully see this site come back to life,” Caime said. “This is going to have some nice decorative railing around it, it’s still going to have the walls in the background, and it’s not going to have a whole lot of park amenities to it. It’s going to be a nice open space.”

Downtown Anderson has started to become more vibrant, that’s why county and city administrators said they’re paying more attention to the potential of these spaces.

Assistant City Manager Andrew Strickland said, “City council has been very strategic over the last several years of creating what a lot of folks call third spaces. It’s kind of these places where folks can formally gather.”

Nearby business owners said this also helps them.

“It was really a big pushing point for us, to create this big family-friendly beautiful outdoor space,” Owner of Magnetic South Brewery, Adam Willier said.

The county said to enjoy the green space while you can. Their the long term plan is to make Anderson feel like a bigger city.

“Anybody from this area knows Greenville. Greenville is nothing like it was 25 years ago. That’s exactly where Anderson City and Anderson County is now. There’s so much potential, so much life coming into this,” Caime said.

County leaders said the space is expected to be done by the summertime.