An Anderson woman whose remains were found burned at a Greenville County home, had possibly overdosed before her death, according to witnesses. 

Stacy Carmack was last seen at 163 Oakvale Drive in Greenville County on May 29th. 

On May 29th, Laurens County deputies attempted to stop a black Mercedes on Jones Road over a narcotics complaint. 

That car refused to stop according to deputies and they chased the vehicle until it parked at a home on Goldsmith Road in Fountain Inn. When deputies finally spoke with the driver of the car and a passenger, the passenger told deputies that the car came from a home near Lakeside Park. 

The woman went on to say that the home belonged to a “Tony” and “Scooby” and when they arrived at the home, Tony asked them to help get a woman into the home that was unconscious. The woman told deputies that the passed out woman, who is now believed to be Carmack, had taken a half gram of heroin. The woman went on to tell deputies that they placed Carmack in the bathtub and put ice around her, but when they left the home, she was snoring. The woman did admit to stealing Carmack’s car with another person. 

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office contacted the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office about the information and they went to 163 Oakvale Drive and did not find any evidence of Carmack or an overdose. 

Carmack’s mother reported her missing in Anderson County on June 13th. Carmack’s remains were found burned in the backyard of the Oakvale Drive home on June 22nd. Because of the state of Carmack’s remains it will be difficult to find her actual cause of death. 

Charles and Tony Dogan were arrested and charged with conspiracy and obstruction of justice. Charles is also facing an additional charge of desecration of human remains. Both men continue to be held in jail.