ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Anderson County PAWS is jam-packed as it is, but more so now after two large animal seizures in the Upstate.

“It’s not a good mental state for them,” PAWS employee Randi Ashley said.

Ashley said the problem only got worse after police seized dozens of dogs and cats from reported abuse situations in Laurens County last week, and PAWS took some of them in.

“Those animals had nowhere to go,” Ashely said.

Ashley said if they didn’t take them in, there’s a chance they would’ve been put down at a Laurens County shelter.

“With no rescues stepping up, no adopters stepping up, they would’ve had to make room and unfortunately in circumstances, making room for other shelters means euthanizing animals,” Ashley said.

That same week, PAWS took in 19 other dogs from an Anderson County animal abuse investigation.

Now, she said the shelter is maxed out.

“A lot of the stuff we do see nowadays, it doesn’t take us by surprise. It hurts us, because we’re all animal lovers here,” Ashley said.

The work doesn’t stop when the animals get there.

For reportedly mistreated pets brought in, Ashley said they have to spend extra time and money to treat them and get them used to shelter life.

“A lot of them are more so deprived socially than anything,” Ashley said.

Ashley said so many shelters are seeing overcapacity issues, and the problem boils down to irresponsible owners.

She said they need responsible owners to act fast and adopt the animals.

“Take care of your pet. Don’t make your pet someone else’s problem. If your dog is out running around loose, put it up. Confine it,” Ashley said.

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