WILLIAMSTON, S.C. (WSPA) – AnMed’s program Doclink connects doctors, nurses and other health professionals to students at local schools to talk about how they can take health into their own hands. 

“It helps build positive rapport between the students and the doctors, seeing them on their own turf in the schools where they’re already comfortable. It helps them see how approachable, friendly and helpful the doctors can be and the nurses that volunteer too so they’re not just associating seeing them for those sick visits. It helps build that relationship and build that bridge,” said Ashley Gelder, AnMed Doclink Coordinator. 

According to Gelder, there are various lessons that are available online that parents and their children can access at home. Each lesson is specialized for certain age groups.

Some of the lessons include tobacco-free education, driving safety, exercise tips, correct food servings and more. 

Heather Wilson has been at Palmetto Elementary School for 10 years but has served as a teacher for 20. She has two children of her own; a freshman in college and a fourth grader at Palmetto Elementary School. 

“I love having Doclink come to our classroom because it’s a reminder to me as a mom of the things that I need to be doing as well but also, it’s a great opportunity for my children to learn more about healthy habits and to be reinforced for the things that I’m trying to teach them at home and here at school. It’s important for them to learn these habits early and to establish what they should be doing while they’re young so that those habits carry on throughout adulthood,” said Wilson.

To learn more about Doclink and to access lessons, click here.