TAMASSEE, S.C. (WSPA) – “We’re at Tamassee-Salem Elementary to meet our Community Service Hero for the month of April, Dianne Sosnowski,” Jack Roper, Carolina for the Carolinas host, said.

Sosnowski said, “I’m on the board of the Humane Society, I moved to SC Dogs Therapy group, because when we were doing humane education programs at the libraries for children, we needed to have therapy dogs.”

“Dianne comes and reads with some of our kids who are not as competent reading to their peers. And she brings this rockstar right here with her, and the kids just absolutely love it,” according to Bobby Norizsan, principal of Tamassee-Salem Elementary.

“Because they’re reading to the dog, that’s much more fun for them,” Sosnowski said.

According to Norizsan, “you can tell that she really cares about what she does and how much she’s helping our kids.”

“We do see a marked improvement in their skill level,” Sosnowski said. “They’re much more comfortable reading to the dogs, and they develop that comfort level.”

Secretary of S.C. Dogs, Debra Bryan, said, “a couple of nursing homes, we do the hospital, we go to the cancer center once a month. I was in the nursing home, it was my first visit to this particular nursing home – a really good friend of mine is a nurse there – I was leaving and I said hi to her, and she said, “I have not seen smiles that big in here in like months.” So I mean, it really brightens their day, it really makes a difference.”

“I’d say she’s… doggone perfect,” Norizsan said.

Roper said, “congratulations to Dianne and Thanks to our sponsors: That’s Ingles, Bath Fitter, Unclaimed furniture and Hamrick’s!”