GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A school in Greenville County is the first stop for a group that is hoping to teach students about art and life.

“I want to give back so we want to create our own art as we travel but also give back to communities,” Jose Vilchez said.

Jose Vilchez and Cora Rose Lewicki run a program called “Art We There Yet”

Their goal is to travel the world connect different communities and schools to art. 

Tanglewood Middle School is the first stop for this creative duo.

Cora and Jose are musicians and artists.They plan to visit schools in different countries over the next five years.

Jose says being exposed to art growing up helped him see the world.

“I grew up in Nicaragua a very poor country where I had people from other countries coming to volunteer, people from Upstate New York, rochester to be specific and people from Germany and France they came to my hometown to do music and language,” Vilchez said. 

This duo has renovated an old school bus into a recording and art studio.

This is what they will drive across the Americas teaching music and art to students.

Students at Tanglewood were able to paint a mural and be involved in workshops about music and art. 

“It means a lot because we remember the little moments that we had when people came to our schools or when people come to our communities and do something that maybe for them wasn’t such a big deal but for us that really stuck with us,” Lewicki said. 

To learn more about Art We There Yet click here.