“As long as I served a purpose, I was safe,” says Kala Brown


(WSPA) — On Tuesday, the second part of a two-part interview with Kala Brown will air on the Dr. Phil Show.

The series titled “The Girl in the Box” details how Kala met Todd Kohlhepp, and how Kohlhepp allegedly killed Charlie Carver before taking Kala prisoner. Additional details from Kala have been released about the repeated sexual abuse she received from Kohlhepp, his description of other crimes, and details about the day she was rescued.

During the interview, Kala Brown explained that Kohlhepp told her that he was going to build a house on the Woodruff property where they could be in a relationship. Kala reveals that Kohlhepp said she would stay in a soundproof room in the house, and that he would give her run of the property when he trusted her.

“He (Todd Kohlhepp) told me he would let me go and give me some money if he got old and sick,” Kala said.

“He explained Stockholm Syndrome to me and that it would kick in and we would be happy together,” she said.

Brown goes on to explain in the interview that Todd Kohlhepp sexually assaulted her inside the storage container while she was bound and gagged.

“He brought me some water, he brought me a small lantern, it was very very dim. He took me up to the building and fed me and had his way with me again, in the apartment above the garage,” Kala said.

As the days wore on, Kala said she could tell time was passing, but was not counting the days.

“Oh, I knew I was being looked for. He told me that I was not being looked for, that no one cared,” says Brown.

Todd Kohlhepp told Kala that there were just a few mentions on Facebook about her disappearance and that the news mentioned it once more when it hit a month that she had been missing.

“Did you think you were going to die?” Dr. Phil asked during the interview.  “At times,” she replied.

“He let me know that I was his property, that I would never go anywhere. That he chose me, told me how beautiful and smart I was,” said Brown.

Kohlhepp told Kala that as long as she didn’t fight back or run that she would be safe, according to the interview.

“Later on I realized that I had to stay alive in order to be found, and I realized it was easier if he thought things were going his way, so I made him think whatever he wanted.” said Kala.

Kala states that Kohlhepp revealed that he had kept another woman in the container before her, saying, “Just that he held her, and that he was going to keep her there, and at some point she pissed him off and he killed her.”

Dr. Phil asked Kala if Todd Kohlhepp had talked about his other victims. “He spoke of them.” she said.

We now know that missing Spartanburg County couple Johnny and Meagan Coxie were found buried on Todd Kohlhepp’s property.

Kala said that he would speak about them. “He talked about them as male and female, he never used names, never talked about them like they were people, they were just objects to him,” she said.  In the interview, Kala stated Todd Kohlhepp told her that he shot Meagan Coxie in the back of the head. “He was a coward, he shot people when they were not looking, told me he couldn’t kill someone that was looking at him,” she said.

“He (Todd Kohlhepp) told me about the murders that he had done and gave me details about those. He told me that he was in prison, and that the government had used him to kill people in other countries.” said Brown.

“He would brag about how many people he killed, how good he was at it. He claimed he was near the three digit mark (of victims),” said Kala.

She stated that she wanted to escape and that she looked for opportunities, “I kept my eyes open for a chance but it never presented itself.”

In the interview, Kala described the day she was rescued. Kala told Dr. Phil that Kohlhepp told her to be quiet if there was ever anyone on the property.

“I was in there, chained up like always. I heard the lock but he never came in, it kept making a noise at the door, I couldn’t say anything, I couldn’t breathe, if I made noise he’d kill us both, when I realized it was somebody there to help me, I started screaming,” said Kala.

Dr. Phil asked Kala when she realized it was someone there to help her, she responded, “They said, we need to check for her in the other buildings, I started screaming and hitting the walls. Then I just waited.”

“He was so careful, I didn’t see how I could be found so soon,” said Kala.

“When they finally got the door open and I saw the police uniforms I was relieved,” said Kala.

She then described her rescue, “All I remember is that it felt like a weight had been lifted. The sheriff prayed with me, a calm just washed over me. I was just ready to get off that property.”

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