CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Belk is suing its former CEO, Nir Patel, for acts to steal its employees and payroll information, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

After Patel stepped down as CEO in May, he was almost immediately hired as a chief operating officer for GameStop.

The lawsuit accuses Patel of soliciting some of the company’s highest executives to join him at his new job at GameStop. Belk says he broke an agreement in his contract by doing this once he left.

Tim May, former senior vice president, is also accused of disclosing confidential company information in his new position, which is also with GameStop.

“May undoubtedly intends to use that information to assist Patel and GameStop in their continuing unlawful campaign to raid Belk’s senior ranks,” the lawsuit states.

Patel had a 12-month agreement with Belk restricting soliciting or recruiting employees.