CHEROKEE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A home security company is warning about deceptive sales tactics of competitors after an Upstate neighborhood was targeted

ADT said door-to-door salesmen may claim they’re with them when they are not. And the company said this door-to-door deception is common in during the summer months with the biggest targets in southeastern states like the Carolinas.

Frank Hammett Lives in an area of Cherokee County, where crime is low and quality of life is high.

Still just in case he signed up for an ADT alarm a decade ago.

But Hammet said something seemed off when he got a recent visit by a salesman claiming to be with that home security company.

“He just said he was Joe Blow from ADT wanting to upgrade wanting to know if I wanted to upgrade and I said no I’m satisfied with what I got,” Hammett said.

Hammet wasn’t alone. Neighbors in the Goucher community said they got the same visit, which also sent up red flags.

“It’s really hard to tell who’s who anymore,” said Starr Allison, who lives nearby.

“I just didn’t trust the guy,” said Hammett.

ADT spokesperson Bob Tucker said that’s with good reason.

“This time of year ADT customers may be prayed upon by deceptive door knockers who are sometimes college students hired by other companies trying to convince customers to change out their alarm panel and sign a new contract with their company and they are deceiving them into believing that there is a new relationship between their company and ATD,” said Tucker.

Customers may sign on, thinking they’re getting a newer system with lower monthly payments only to find out the contract length is longer and therefore more costly overall.

If you do sign a purchase contract and have buyers remorse, you should know, by South Carolina law you have three business days to cancel with no penalty.

Fortunately Hammett wasn’t about to let the salesman get the better of him.

“I’ll send him sailing in a minute,” Hammett said, with a laugh.

ADT said the company rarely comes door to door, but if it, or one of its authorized dealers does come knocking, always verify by calling ADT at (800) ADP-ASAP.