GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)–The frustration of navigating high levels of traffic on Woodruff Road is a common feeling for people in the Upstate. But now, there could be some relief on the way.

Christina Broyka recently moved to the Upstate from Chicago. She says the traffic is largely less congested.

“When you come to Woodruff Road, that’s a whole other story,” Broyka said.

She lives nearby and says she’s been stuck in traffic or at lights several times.

“I do try to avoid it as much as possible just because the traffic does seem to get backed up or I’ll try to use it at off times of the day,” Broyka said.

People like her could soon see some change.

“The Woodruff Road Congestion Relief Project, or the parallel route, has been the number one project on the list since 2013,” Butch Kirven, chairman of Greenville County Council, said.

Kirven said the project was approved for a $49-million grant earlier this week by the State Transportation Infrastructure Bank Board.

“So this would expedite the traffic flow and reduction of congestion in that whole area,” Kirven said.

Dubbed the Parallel Parkway Project, it would be a multi-lane road running next to Woodruff Road to alleviate some congestion.

But it’s not good for everyone. Some businesses, like Drew Barker’s, would be forced to move.

“We have two business right here and we’d have to move both of them if it did,” Barker, co-owner if Barker Air and Hydraulics, said.

Even so, he knows the problems the heavily trafficked road causes now.

“I take back roads and try to avoid Woodruff Road. Traffic is too bad,” Barker said.

Kirven says the project could start as early as January 1, 2021 and would take three years to complete. It still needs to be approved by the state and county council before moving forward.

(From: SCDOT)