GREENVILLE COUNTY, SC (WSPA) – Body camera video from a deputy-involved shooting incident from back in October was released as part of the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office’s Critical Incident Community Briefing video posted on YouTube on Wednesday.

We reported earlier that a deputy and another person was shot in an incident on Cliffview Court in Greer on Oct. 20 at around 12:10 p.m.

In the video, Capt. Tim Brown, with the Office of Professional Standards, said deputies were first called to Spinx at the intersection of Pelham and Batesville roads to collect a video tape which had evidence of a shoplifting that happened earlier that morning.

“After the deputy arrived at the Spinx, the video tape was reviewed by the deputy, who recognized the shoplifting suspect in the video from a previous call that occurred earlier that morning,” Brown said. “The call as regarding an intoxicated subject involved in a non-violent domestic situation with his mother, who had fled the house after the suspect attempted to take her purse to purchase more beer.”

Brown said around 12:30 p.m., the deputy left the Spinx and went to a home on Cliffview Court, which she knew was the suspect’s residence.

Sean Theodore Kaiser
Sean Theodore Kaiser (From: Greenville Co. Detention Center)

While getting out of her patrol car, the deputy made contact with the suspect — identified as Sean Theodore Kaiser, 40 — who was on his front porch.

“The deputy asked if he was at the Spinx earlier and when he replies ‘yes’ the deputy begins reading him his rights,” Brown said. “As she does so, the suspect attempts to retreat inside the home at which time the deputy grabs him by the sleeve of his shirt. Once inside the house, the deputy attempts to negotiate the combative suspect’s surrender while his mother is heard in the background pleading with him to comply.”

In the video, the deputy is seen at one point making a move to arrest Kaiser, but he managed to grab onto her wrist and shoved the deputy backwards.

The deputy was able to separate from him and pulls out her firearm, giving Kaiser verbal commands.

“The suspect’s mother is seen standing over him accompanied by a neighbor off to the side,” Brown said. “The deputy continues to give verbal commands until the suspect breaks free from his mother and charges at the deputy. As a result, the deputy fires at the suspect, but misses him and unintentionally strikes his mother, which was unbeknownst to the deputy at the time.”

In the video, Kaiser continues to charge the deputy and she fires her gun again, which did not hit anyone.

“The suspect then shoves the deputy backwards and gets on top of her as she struggles to break free,” Brown said. “At this time, the deputy’s back-up arrives and takes the suspect into custody.”

Back-up deputies, supervisors and EMS crews arrive at the scene.

The gunshot victim was taken to the hospital and the deputy was also taken to a hospital.

The deputy was diagnosed with a concussion and had several bruises after the assault on her by Kaiser, Brown said.

Kaiser was charged by South Carolina Law Enforcement Division agents with resisting arrest with assault and assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature on an officer.

The sheriff’s office also charged Kaiser with shoplifting.

Kaiser was initially taken to a hospital to be evaluated before he was taken to the Greenville County Detention Center, where he was formally charged.

“Consistent with all officer-involved shootings, the South Carolina state law enforcement division, along with the 13th Circuit Solicitor’s Office will continue to investigate the facts to determine if the deputy’s actions were within the scope of the law,” Lt. Ryan Flood said. “In a separate and internal investigation, the GCSO Office of Professional Standards will investigate to determine if the deputy’s actions were consistent with the strict guidelines and standards set forth in the sheriff’s office use of force policy.”