GREENVILLE, SC (WSPA) – Bucks Racks and Ribs, the former site of the Platinum Plus strip club, was written multiple citations Thursday night, according to Sheriff Will Lewis.

He says Greenville Co. Deputies were performing a compliance check at the business on Frontage Rd.

Platinum Plus was forced to close last year after violating a court order.

Despite operating under new management as a restaurant, the Sheriff’s Office confirms it is still an “adult” business.

Lewis says during the check, the deputies found a “stripper on stage” that was not complying with the appropriate dress required under the county ordinance pertaining to adult entertainment.

He says two citations were written, one to the adult entertainer and one to the owner.

He confirmed the Department of Revenue is investigating.

When reached for comment online, Bucks Racks and Ribs responded with “No Comment”.

According to a 7 News Investigation in February, the new management company is “Greenville Bistro LLC”, which formed a South Carolina business in October 2016, stating that the manager of the business would be Jason Mohney, from Vegas.

That same investigation revealed court documents from a February hearing where Solicitor Walt Wilkins, along with Mohney, and building owner, Frontage Road Associates, met to discuss the business.

Mohney stated that Greenville Bistro had no link to Elephant Inc, the parent company of Platinum Plus.

Mohney also said Greenville Bistro was seeking to commence operations of a similar business as Platinum Plus.

Greenville County confirmed that Mohney is connected to adult entertainment empire Deja Vu and Hustler, according to that February investigation.

Tom Schweister with Frontage Road Associates, the property owner, said he was not aware of any citations and did not have any comment.

County spokesman Bob Mihalic said the business was zoned as a restaurant, not a strip club.

He said the activity that was found during the compliance check resulted in Greenville County issuing a warning to the business to comply.

He said they would return to the business at an unknown time to make sure the business was conforming under county ordinance requirements.

He said he could not comment further, due to the open investigation.