ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- Anderson County deputies are searching for a burglary suspect, after they broke into the Cancun Mexican Restaurant Tuesday night.

This is the moment deputies say the suspect broke in.

Shale Remien with the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said, “Basically picks up a dining room chair, and throws it through the window and escapes through that window.”

“He ended up getting away in a sliver sedan, so really all we have to go off is the image in the surveillance footage,” Remien said.

Deputies say the cash register didn’t have any money in it.

“Thankfully he didn’t end up taking anything,” Remien said.

So, he walked away empty-handed.

However now, the restaurant is having to pay.

“It’s unfortunate, especially during these times. Things are tough, and it’s always the damage that you end up having to fix afterwards, which is costly,” Co-owner of the restaurant Jonathon Banegas said.

The owners say they’re having to spend more than $1,500 to fix the damage.

They say it’s the fifth time they’ve been broken into in the last few years, and now, they’re planning to tighten security measures.

“It might be an eyesore, but we’re actually thinking about putting some bars in front of the windows, to protect the windows to make it a lot more difficult for anyone to just break in,” Banegas said.

The Anderson County Sheriffs office says if you have any information about who the suspect could be, to come forward immediately.

Despite this attempted robbery case, the sheriff’s office says burglaries are down about 3% this year compared to last.