SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – On St. John Street in Spartanburg, right across from the Chapman Cultural Center, you’ll find Ciclops Cyderi and Brewery, Spartanburg’s second-oldest brewery.

Originally named the Hub City Tap House when it opened in 2015, Ciclops has become a mainstay of the Upstate brewery scene. 

Kolby Garrison, the founder, passed away in 2018. The brewery’s unique name is in honor of his wife Cindy. She would tell people the spelling of her name was “Cindy with one eye”, and a brewery name was born. 

Director of Operations, Rich Muller, notes something else that makes this brewery unique.

“Cindy and my wife Jill are the two owners so it is a 100% woman-owned business.  Now this year, as of February, we are also a woman-brewed business, so we are very unusual in that we are woman-owned and woman-brewed and very proud of that.” 

Alisha Kelly is their head brewer.

“I like actually opening people’s eyes to different styles that they never would have tried.” 

They have 30 taps, 28 of which are dedicated to their own beers and ciders. Nevertheless, they’re always working on more. 

”We have various things at various stages of the year, sometimes they’re a little bit smaller batches of our specialty releases…like the Krampus is our Christmas beer and that is a spiced beer and that will be released the first week of December.”

That’s Christmas. Ciclops has to get through Halloween first. 

The week leading up to Halloween is “Halloweek”, with daily events including a “Reel Guys” movie night, a Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” trivia night and a Friday murder mystery. All leading up to a Saturday costume party and a Sunday chili cook-off.

Ciclops is not just a gathering spot. Rich points out they are also fully involved with the community. 

”We very much like to give back where we can. We like to call it Cheers for a Cause and we try and do things throughout the year.” 

”A friend of Alisha, our brewer, had cancer. And there was a drive among the brewing industry to create a beer called Scars Are Beautiful and we decided we would do that this year, and again we will do a portion of every beer will go to cancer research.” 

In the past, Ciclops has also hosted school supply drives, Christmas angel trees and outreach to the homeless community. 

”We like to do what we can and when we have members of the community come to us and ask us for their help, we love that because we’re working together to make Spartanburg a better place for everybody.” 

Enjoy responsibly.