WASHINGTON (NEXSTAR) — 2020 census mailings are showing up in mailboxes all over the country.

The Director of the U.S. Census Steve Dillingham said because of the global coronavirus pandemic it is more important than ever for people to self-report.

“A total of five mailings they will receive and one of those mailings will actually have the questionnaire,” Dillingham said.

For the first time ever, people have to option to take the census survey online. You can also take it on the phone or mail in your questionnaire.

Your census mailing will contain an ID number, streaming the process of using the online resources.

“You can answer in 13 languages including English, we also online have assistance, we have videos etc. to help you in 59 languages,” Dillingham said.

In an effort to try to slow the spread of COVID-19, the U.S. Census is delaying plans to send out door-knockers who can collect the survey in person.

“We think that can be avoided and we hope its avoided, again by getting people to self respond… if they do that, there are no health concerns whatsoever,” Dillingham said.

Before going into self-quarantine, Florida Senator Rick Scott stressed the data gathered in the census shapes our government.

“Funds come from the federal government that way. we get the number of congressmen and women that way,” Scott said.

The 2020 census is scheduled to be completed by July 31 but the bureau said that deadline may have to be adjusted.