CHEROKEE Co., S.C. (WSPA) — A deputy will undergo surgery for his injuries after he was trapped beneath a suspect’s vehicle during a traffic stop.

Cherokee County Sheriff Steve Mueller said the deputy was hurt Monday night on Union Street in Gaffney as a suspect fled the scene. 

“He is going to be okay, it could have been much worse. He is really lucky,” Sheriff Mueller said.

The deputy suffered two broken ankles and a broken leg. While his surgery is scheduled Tuesday, the suspect remains at large. 

It all happened in front of Derek Bridges home, he didn’t recognize the suspect, but did see first responders rescue the officer. 

Derek Bridges says, “You could tell he was in pain, he’s definitely a tough guy.”

A tough guy who ended up in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. While Cornelius Mayberry is still on the run. 

The suspect is identified as 37-year-old Cornelius Sentell Mayberry. 

According to a news release from the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, Mayberry resisted arrest during a traffic stop.

Deputies say he put an SUV into drive before accelerating when a deputy reached into the window to stop him. 

Deputies say the officer’s upper body was inside the window when the SUV traveled about 20 feet and hit a ditch and went up an embankment. The officer’s lower body was pinned beneath the SUV when it overturned.

Mayberry escaped through the sunroof and resisted another officer. Deputies say he repeatedly tried to get the second officer’s gun during a struggle before he was handcuffed. 

The second officer directed his attention to the officer trapped under the SUV. That’s when deputies say Mayberry fled while still in handcuffs.

Mayberry was arrested earlier this year during Operation Rolling Thunder. The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office says meth, heroin, four guns and $68,000 in cash were seized in that arrest. 

Mayberry is now wanted on numerous charges. 

Sheriff Mueller said Mayberry’s attorney contacted them and said he’d turn himself in at the LEC in Greenville at 3pm Friday, but never did.

Sheriff said he’s somewhere between Gaffney and Greenville so they’re still asking for the public’s help in finding him.

Sheriff Mueller says there is no dash cam video and the officers were not wearing body cameras.

The Sheriff says the deputies were in an unmarked vehicle outfitted with blue lights. Sheriff also says the officers were dressed with police gear, that clearly identified them as officers. 

As for the injured officer, he was scheduled to have surgery on Tuesday at Spartanburg Regional. 
Deputies warn you should not approach Mayberry if you see him, but immediately call law enforcement.