GREENVILLE CO., S.C. (WSPA) – Some disinfection experts in Greenville are sharing some tips on how to prevent the spread of germs.

7 News spoke with those who are preparing in case the Coronavirus spreads.

“Sometimes, you have over 100 patients coming in and out all day long. There are kids, people who have the flu,” Dr. Greg Ayers said. “Unless you live on an island by yourself, you’re always going to be in contact with other people.”

When it comes to health and safety, Dr. Greg Ayers, with Pro-Grin in Greer, said it’s a priority for his patients and his staff.

“We’re working in the oral cavity, which is just an incubator to house all of these pathogens,” Ayers said.

That’s why Ayers has a microbial disinfecting company come to his office frequently, and especially now with the potential spread of the Coronavirus.

“We’ve certainly seen an uptick in business,” Brandon Kinder said. “We got calls, just this week, all the way from Chicago down to Miami and out to Houston. People who are getting more and more serious about addressing the real issue of germs and viruses and pathogens.”

Brandon Kinder is the founder of the microbial disinfecting company Dr. Ayers uses, and Kinder said there’s a big difference between cleaning and disinfecting.

“We’ve been kind of tricked or fooled to think that you can just clean. Really, cleaning is just smearing and spreading,” Kinder said. “There’s a little more to sanitize or disinfect than just squirting and wiping.”

Kinder told 7 News it’s important to disinfect and sanitize your homes. He said it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still scrub, sweep, and mop; but you can take it one step further.

“We treat walls, ceilings, floors, carpet, the couch, the highchair, the toy box,” he said. “Every surface gets treated with an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant that we know is effective against a ton of pathogens, germs, and viruses.”