CLEMSON, SC (WSPA) – Clemson University has taken an extra step to make sure the campus is safe if an active shooter situation ever happens. They’ve added new trauma kits all across campus in case anyone is hurt during a shooting or other traumatic event.

Thanks to a fund of more than $35,000, the university’s student government was able to purchase 34 trauma kits to help stop serious bleeding during an attack.

Capt. William Shivar with Clemson Fire and EMS said he was glad to see the students take the initiative to purchase the life-saving equipment.

“They recognized the need and the risk that we potentially have. It’s something we hope never happens, but it’s very good that they took the initial action to go out and get these funds through student government,” Capt. Shivar said.

There are 12 smaller kits within each large trauma kit, and each comes equipped with a tourniquet and a bleeding control bandage.

Capt. Shivar said the first kit was installed on campus in August, and there are currently four on campus in the Hendrix Student Center and the Robert M. Cooper Library.

Capt. Shivar said these kits are essential because tragedy can strike anywhere.

“The time that it takes during an uncontrolled hemorrhage unfortunately to die is very quick,” Capt. Shivar said. “Even though the police department and the fire department feel like we have an excellent response time here on campus, that still might be one to two minutes too late for somebody who is trapped in a building or can’t get out and has for the building to be secured by the police department.”

Capt. Shivar said the rest of the kits are expected to be installed in Brackett Hall, the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts, Fike Recreation Center and Tillman Hall.