CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – A lot is on the line for Clemson this weekend and fans are excited.

Everyone is getting ready for the game on Saturday. Businesses are preparing for big crowds and students and fans said they’re confident Clemson will win.

From campus to downtown Clemson, the Tigers spirit is in the air.

“Death Valley is going to be popping, all of Clemson is going to be busy, there’s going to be a lot of people packed in the stadium. Energy is going to be high, because we know this is going to be a really big game. We’ve got to bring it for the players and the team,” said senior, Andrew Seren.

“I believe in them; I think they’re going to pull it off and make us all proud,” said Aubrey Landers, who works at The Esso Club.

The Esso Club already has their parking lot blocked off.

“We have to pull out some extra trailers for bars that we’re adding for the day. Gotta have some cold beer and we’re just really getting ready for a big crowd,” said Landers.

It’s been all hands-on deck getting ready, from making sure they have enough drinks to apparel.

“We go from early in the morning all the way until late at night. People are having a good time, enjoying their friends and family. I think it’s going to be a pretty big weekend for us,” stated Landers.

Fans said Saturday’s game against the Florida State Seminoles is a big one.

“We’re all really excited. Me and my roommates are preparing for how we’re going to get there, because it gets crazy, especially on game day,” said Charlotte Spurrier, a sophomore at Clemson.

“Didn’t get enough tickets, first of all, I’d love to be in Death Valley every game,” said Seren.

“Of course, it’s one of the biggest games of the year. Can’t wait and we’re going to win,” said fans Jill Foster and Allen Martin.

“After this past couple of games, we’re all excited and hope that we do well this week,” said Spurrier.

“My son goes to Clemson, I’ve traveled all over the world, done many things, there is nothing like a Clemson football game. Nothing I have ever experienced,” said Foster.

Some fans are generational.

“My dad went to Clemson, my kids went to Clemson, I had a grandson graduate from Clemson,” said Martin.

Some are students at the University.

“Walk there, tailgate with everybody, hangout with our families who are all going to be there, and then, we will all go our separate ways into the game and then meet up afterwards, and hangout,” said Spurrier.

Everybody in the town is wearing purple and orange, cheering for Clemson.

Saturday’s game will be at Clemson and starts at noon.

Right now, Clemson’s record is 2-1 for the season.