CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA)- It’s been all hands on deck this week in Clemson.

Students, faculty, and other volunteers are almost done with the annual homecoming Habitat for Humanity house.

This home will go to a family in need in Liberty.

“This is an amazing, like no other, program in the country,” Director of Pickens County Habitat for Humanity Jill Evans said.

Clemson is one of the only universities in the nation that participates in the Habitat for Humanity house build every year.

Evans said, “No one has built a house on their campus year after year after year like our campus chapter students have done.”

It takes more than 100 volunteers, countless hours, and thousands of dollars in fundraising to make the Habitat for Humanity house come to life.

Most of the volunteers, are Clemson students, like Ally Bedenbaugh.

“I​t’s amazing to think that 30 families have gotten to call a house a home from the help from Clemson University,” Bedenbaugh said.

Bedenbaugh says it’s been amazing to be a part of something that will change a family’s life.

“This is a big deal. I’m a small part of it this year but this is going to keep happening, it’s been happening,” Bedenbaugh said.

Habitat for Humanity says once the house is done, they’ll start planning for next year’s build.

The university says this house will sit right next to the Habitat for Humanity house they built last year.