CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) – One up-and-coming country singer, who is a student at Clemson, often plays live concerts at tailgates on Clemson gamedays.

Last fall Clemson junior Conner Sweeny wrote and recorded a song called Tiger Town that’s gaining a lot of traction with Clemson fans.

The song was produced by a 3-time Grammy award winner Mark Odmark, who performed with the Christian band Jars of Clay in the 90s and early 2000s.

“Game day comes with live music. Eeveryone expects it. Everybody knows it. Everybody wants it,” Sweeny says.

He wrote the song last year and recorded it in Nashville with a Grammy-award winning producer.

“[It’s] kind of just a song to rally people behind Clemson, to give Tiger Clemson fans a song to all sing along together.”

Now that it’s streaming on Spotify and Pandora, it’s becoming more and more popular with clemson students and fans.

“We’ll be walking around on a game day like today and I’ll walk past a tailgate and I’ll hear it playing and I’ll be like ‘hey that’s pretty cool’,” he says.

Saturday, the Conner Sweeny Band, made of Sweeny and 4 Clemson Juniors, are performing in the Greenville Country Music Fest at Fluor Field with big names like Lanco and Old Dominion.

“I really just want to be a hometown kid. I want to really represent Greenville well, and to know people in Greenville and I want them to know me,” Sweeny says.

Tiger Town has been played on Spotify over 40 thousand times.

Sweeny also recorded an EP called Faith Family Friends in Nashville and a single called Into You, which has been streamed 80 thousand times.

Conner Sweeny is performing at the Greenville Country Music Fest at Fluor Field Saturday at 2:30 pm.