Clemson, S.C. (WSPA)- Clemson University partnered with several organizations to honor and remember those who lost their lives during the attacks 22 years ago on September 11th.

The names of every person who died that day were honored on the video boards at Memorial Stadium. Hundreds of them were names of the brave first responders who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

“It means quite a bit for firefighters,” said Clemson University Firefighter David Clifton. “343 of our brothers and sisters were lost that day.”

Part of the ceremony included walking the stairs of Memorial Stadium. For Clifton and his family of firefighters, they walked in full gear.

It’s something he said doesn’t even come close to what the first responders on the front lines of the attack went through.

“It doesn’t even compare to what they had to go through.”

Everyone, including Clifton, carried heavy hearts up and down the stadium stairs with thoughts about each person at every step.

“The harder it hurt, was worse for them,” said Clifton. “Doesn’t matter what I feel.”

Another firefighter walking the stairs said, “You just think about them and put one foot in front of the other just like they did.”

For so many families and first responders, it’s a day that will forever live in infamy.

For Clifton, “It means a lot to us. It’s a big day.”