SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – A busy Spartanburg road will be shut down for a couple of months.

Starting October 16, part of Country Club Road, from Union to Pine Street, will be shut down.

“It makes things a little bit more inconvenient,” said Ella Zimmerman.

As part of an SCDOT project, part of the road will be shut down.

“It may be a little bit of an inconvenience for some of the drivers, but after a day or so, people learn new patterns, and they will understand what roads to take,” said Major Art Littlejohn with the Spartanburg Police Department.

It’s a popular road that all emergency services use.

“It shouldn’t create any issues for us, typically officers do a pretty good job of finding new ways, we deal with detours on a pretty regular basis, where there are road closures,” said Littlejohn.

Littlejohn said all Spartanburg departments dispatch from the same communications center.

“They’re able to see where we are and decide which officer or emergency vehicle to send, based on that,” he said.

Littlejohn said it shouldn’t be a huge problem for drivers.

There are alternate routes people can take, like Henry Street, Forest Avenue and Marion Avenue.

“There may be congestion on some of the streets, typically, some neighborhoods may see a little bit more traffic, or some streets that typically don’t get traffic may get more traffic,” he said.

Ella Zimmerman uses Country Club Road to get to the Rail Tail Dog Park. She said everyone will have to figure out a new route.

“It’s definitely affecting the traffic and the commute for people going to work, or if they want to take their dogs to this dog park or walk their dogs on the park, anything like that. It just makes it harder to get around,” she said.

DOT says the project will be done in two months.

Zimmerman said she hopes it’s done in time for the holidays.

“I know it gets busy around here, people like to come by Spartanburg for the holidays,” she said.

For those commuting to work, Littlejohn suggests starting on the 16, people leave their homes a few minutes early to get familiar with alternate routes.

Littlejohn said there is an entrance to the Rail Trail off Country Club Road, so, people will gave to find a different place to park while work is being done.

Spartanburg County sent out a statement:

“Any first responders who would typically take this route when responding to an emergency in the area will be impacted; but, as they routinely do for other road closures, they have planned for this, and alternate routes will be in effect that shouldn’t significantly impact response times.”