GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA)- Censorship has been a hot topic for months now, Some school districts and counties are discussing removing certain books from libraries, but one group hopes to change that.

Several weeks ago, we covered a vote held by Greenville County Council, on whether or not to restrict children’s access to some books at the county library.

Some described those books as sexually inappropriate.

Council member Joe Dill proposed the restrictions.

“These are not books that most parents would have their child to read, Dill said. “It’s alright to have books of all types in the library but you got to have them in appropriate places.”

However, that proposal was shot down.

Josh Malkin, who is a director at the American Civil Liberties Union, says this was a win for Greenville.

However, he believes attempts to ban books will continue.

“These bans are happening outside of public notice frequently,” Malkin said.

That’s why the organization created a book-ban coalition called Freedom to Read.

He says its purpose is to bring awareness to the issue, that he believes is unconstitutional.

It’ll serve as a safe haven to report book banning.

“For us to be a place where librarians and teachers can feel safe reporting instances of censorship,” Malkin said.

Also, a tool to stop book bans, before they happen.

Malkin said, “For the state-wide signatories to let their networks know, to let them know where these bans are being discussed so we can show up and let decision-makers know that we support them and their efforts to defend the freedom to read.”

The American Civil Liberties Union says the coalition is open to the public.