GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – A three-judge federal appeals panel made no ruling Tuesday on President Trump’s immigration ban. While judges were trying to decipher the legality of the executive order, people in the Upstate came together to weigh in on the controversy.

The Phillis Wheatley Center and the Atlantic Institute organized the “State of our Country” meeting.

“I’m hoping that we’ll be able to find a resolution that will start here in the community but hopefully reach the White House,” said Oneshia Edens who attended the forum.

Dozens of diverse people attended the forum. The group touched on topics such as visas, green cards, and undocumented immigrants. There was a panel of people from the African-American community and people of Mexican, Turkish, and Syrian descent.

Audience members were able to ask questions to gain a greater understanding of the different experiences people endure.

One panelist from Syria said, “I know many of you will be looking at me and say why do the Muslims kill, and this hurts me.”

Organizers say they’re already working on the next forum which will touch on economics as well.