CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Parents, teachers, and students at Ranson Middle School are speaking out after they say the violence there has gotten out of hand.

On Tuesday, a dance teacher was reportedly knocked unconscious after being asked to help break up a brawl that broke out during dismissal. In a statement, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools says the fight involved students and their family members.

A message sent to families Wednesday outlines new procedures for after-school pick-up the district hopes will improve safety:

“Beginning tomorrow, all car riders will remain inside until parents or guardians arrive. Parents or guardians will need to provide proof of identification and the scholar’s name and grade level. Drivers will need to drive to the end of the car pool line, following the directions of staff members in the car pool lot, remaining in vehicles at all times. Please ensure you are on the scholar’s emergency contact list. We are asking that you exercise patience as this process will take additional time, but is being put in place for additional safety measures.”

FOX 46’s Northeast Bureau Chief Sydney Heiberger spoke to the teacher who was injured. He did not want his name or face included in our reporting, out of concerns for his safety.

“As a teacher, I feel like no teacher should have to deal with that,” he said.

The teacher said he was attacked by a student’s older family member. He said no security officers were there as he was trying to break up the fight. By the time a security officer got there, he said it was too late.

“I want there to be systems in place for that support that they need. Because we need support,” said the dance teacher.

Multiple witnesses say kids were pepper-sprayed during the incident. The teacher was taken to the hospital and treated for a concussion. He is recovering at home and plans to press charges against the person who assaulted him.

While parents and teachers feel the new after-school policies are a step in the right direction, some say they hope more is done.

“One of the people that had gotten suspended recently, they came back and was doing the same thing. They got suspended as soon as they came back that first day,” said the teacher. “At one point, it needs to be like, enough is enough and they can no longer be at the school.”

Meanwhile, students say at least two more fights happened on school buses Monday. CMS confirms law enforcement was called for one of the incidents.

“You just getting beat on every day you come to school. I feel uncomfortable. I don’t like it,” said 6th grader Zaniya Kamson, who was involved in one of the fights Monday. “This has been happening and people have been bullying each other and I feel like they’re just hurting each other and doing harassment.”