SIMPSONVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Thousands of people traveled from all over to attend a concert at the Amphitheater at Heritage Park in Simpsonville. However, many left upset with how the night ended.

“We waited, we waited,” Brianna Walker, who traveled from Warner Robins, Georgia said.

“It is just like they didn’t care,” Candice Buchanan, Connelly Springs, North Carolina resident said. 

Concert-goers said they listened to three songs in the pouring rain until lightning stuck and they had to evacuate the venue. Fans said they waited for about three hours to find out if the concert would continue.

“Three hours in soaking wet clothes, shoes that squished every time you walked,” Walker said. “It was pretty uncomfortable. We were hungry, tired, and cold.”

Concert-goers said when leaving they were prompted to check Facebook for updates.

They said they are aware weather can be unpredictable but what they call the lack of communication was their biggest issue Tuesday night.

“We are out in the car, it won’t load, I guess because everyone was trying to access it,” Buchanan said. “Then when we finally did get it to load, there is no update. The last update was from five hours ago. We kept looking and looking, no update whatsoever.”

Those who attended the concert said it wasn’t until after 11 p.m. they were notified the concert would not resume. Many who drove from hours away and spent money on travel said they were not happy when they found out the concert would be rescheduled.

“Around 11:30 two cop cars came in hot,” Walker. “As soon as the cop cars showed up they officially posted the announcement that it would be rescheduled. Well, we were out of luck. I live four hours away, I have to go back to work.”

The CCNB Amphitheatre At Heritage Park posted on their Facebook page “A sincere apology to the fans of the Ghost concert.”

“It was pretty bad,” Buchanan said. “I go to concerts all the time and I have never experienced something like that.”

The concert rescheduled for Thursday night was canceled, as the band said their gear was damaged due to Tuesday night’s weather. 

Those who bought tickets to the concert are being refunded according to a Facebook post from CCNB amphitheater at Heritage Park.