SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Good news for anyone traveling in Spartanburg, the work on Business 85 is almost completed.

Business 85 has been shut down for a couple of years now. The South Carolina Department of Transportation says with all the construction, it’s going to cost around $26 million.

The closure has caused some delays for people.

“It’s been crazy, the commute from here to my house, I live in Moore, and it used to take me 15 minutes. Now, about 30, 35-40 minutes,” said Desmond Ellis.

Kelly Moore, with SCDOT, said the project is in its final stages.

“Some of the work folks might see in the area includes some paving work happening, signage and other safety markings going into place. They are finishing that project up,” she said.

She said with these road projects, you can see delays, which is why the completion date has been getting pushed back.

“It’s everything from weather to other issues as you go through the construction process,” said Moore.

Desmond Ellis works at D2 Power Sports, he said the shutdown has caused some issues for people getting in and out of their parking lot.

“A lot of our customers are usually having to go around, find some type of detour, and it takes a lot tine. A lot of people come here with trailers and stuff, so it takes longer than usual,” said Ellis.

He said Business 85 being reopened will be a huge plus.

“Definitely, we get a lot of traffic that comes from North Carolina and all over the tri-state area, so it will be a lot easier for all our customers,” he said.

Justin Gibson owns Modern Automotive on Hearon Circle. He remembers what the roads were like before Business 85 was closed.

“Pretty much the same as it is now, a little different. Some temporary inconveniences, dust, dirt, and construction vehicles,” said Gibson. “We understand it’s temporary and we’re excited for it to be back open, the way it will look and operate and serve the community.”

Moore said the project is to ensure safe and efficient travel through the area, and they appreciate everyone’s patience.

“SCDOT has a 10-year strategic plan, we focus on everything from interstate work to bridges rural road safety projects,” she said.

SCDOT expects the project to be done in October.

Anyone traveling through a work zone is cautioned to slow down.

For updates on detours and reopening information with SCDOT, click here.