DALLAS (NEXSTAR) — While we all enjoy the smells of a freshly cooked cinnamon roll, plenty of people would rather skip the roll and go straight to the icing.

Once you’ve done that, who wants bread without delightful frosting on top?

Cinnabon has you covered.

While 2020 has brought plenty of bad things, we received good news this week in the form of an announcement that the chain will sell its cream cheese frosting by the pint. No roll necessary!

It’ll be available for $5.99 at Cinnabon’s 900 locations. And if you aren’t down with driving, you’ll be able to order it through most food delivery apps. That means you need only to pause Netflix, walk to the door, grab a spoon, and enjoy the frosty goodness in a matter of seconds.

While you may have a grand idea of enjoying this like, say, ice cream, Cinnabon said in a news release that it’s designed to be an “accompaniment to holiday cooking, baking and holiday movie watching.”

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that means we’re supposed to be cooking and watching movies while we eat the pint of icing with a spoon in a single sitting.

It’s only available during the holiday season, so you better get a move on!