(KVEO) — With Christmas weeks away, it’s time to find out who has been naughty and who has been nice.

The North Pole government’s Department of Christmas Affairs has released its 2021 Naughty & Nice List, and some people may find that the challenges of the past year may have caused their status to change from that of 2020.

“The Department of Christmas Affairs acknowledges that 2021 has been particularly stressful for many people – which may have applied downward pressure to many people’s aggregate Naughty/Nice rating, and could potentially have caused what would otherwise have been a positive score to drop below the N/N divider,” the department stated.

Of course, not everyone will agree with where they landed this year.

Those who disagree with their ranking can request a review and submit evidence through the Department of Christmas Affair’s website if they believe there’s been some kind of mistake or if there are extenuating circumstances that contributed to their “naughty behavior.”

Grounds for receiving the nice status include volunteering, being respectful to parents, being a friendly co-worker, making charitable donations and keeping a well-kept bedroom, among others.

“Your request for review is your one chance to put your entire case forward,” the department warned. “So be sure to include all the good deeds you think make you deserving of a nice result.”

You have until Dec. 24 at 5 p.m. Australian Eastern Standard Time, or 1 a.m. EST on Christmas Eve, to request a review.

However, the department said, “being a really good person between now and Christmas is a fast track alternative to the behavioural review system. Good deeds and genuine niceties will be detected by the Department’s Global Behaviour Tracking Network and good vibes will be sent directly to the North Pole Records Centre.”

On the website, you can also submit your gift requests to the North Pole using the official gift request form.

“Contents of this list are automatically sent to the North Pole for processing, and a copy is provided for your records,” the site stated.

To find out which list you’re on this year, visit the Christmas Affairs website.