ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The former Iva Police Department Police Chief was arrested Monday in Anderson County.

According to arrest warrants, the incident happened between Jan. 1 and Feb. 25.

While driving in a vehicle, Hawkins touched the victim on the inside of their inner thigh while asking the second victim a question of sexual nature, the arrest warrants said.

“Just totally shocked. I really didn’t believe. I still don’t believe it,” said Kent Greenway, Iva resident. “You’re talking about a good guy, in my opinion. He’s always been nice to me.”

The Anderson County Detention Center said Jason Daniel Hawkins has been charged with two counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor in the third degree.

“Each count carries up to 15 years in jail or a fine that’s at the court’s discretion or both. That’s if you plea guilty or are found guilty,” said Judge White during a bond hearing.

“I feel for the families. I do of the minors and everything. Not knowing who they are. I kind of feel bad for them–that their kids had been touched you know in the wrong way,” said Roger Hunter.

Hawkins’ attorney said he is a graduate of Crescent High School, a father of three, and has no criminal record.

“He has no criminal record. He actually lives a couple houses away from where I live. Owns his own home. He’s music director at his church. Your honor, he has extensive family in this county. He’s got mom, dad, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, wife, and again he’s never lived outside of Anderson County,” said Druanne White, Hawkins’ Attorney.

Records show his last day as the police chief was January 11, 2021.

Hawkins had a bond hearing Monday afternoon where he was given a $20,000 bond.

“Base on the charges I’m going to set a $10,000 surety bond per a charge. So, you’ve have $20,000 in surety, that you will be required to post on these prior to being released,” Judge White said.

“I hope he’s innocent. I hope it’s all a misunderstanding, I really do,” Greenway said.

“Right is right. If you’ve done wrong, I think you deserve whatever the charges are,” Hunter said.