WARNING: Details of this story are graphic and may disturb some people.

UNION COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – A man was arrested after deputies with the Union County Sheriff’s Office found a dog screwed into a door frame.

According to the sheriff’s office, a deputy was flagged down by a county employee and was told that he just left a residence on Whitmire Highway. The employee said Tyler Jerdo was “under the influence of something strong” and had his dog screwed to the wall and barricaded in the bathroom.

The sheriff’s office said multiple deputies, as well as animal control, responded to the location and were met by Jerdo’s mother, the property owner. She unlocked the door and let the deputies in.

Deputies walked to the hallway and could see a large barricade of items blocking the bathroom door. A deputy could see the dog’s paw screwed into the door frame and began removing the items to get to the dog.

After removing all the items, deputies could get to the dog and began removing one screw from the dog’s paw, UCSO said. However, the bathroom door still would not open.

A deputy went outside, removed the screen from the bathroom window and went in. The deputy could see the dog through the window and said it was still alive, but it was extremely tired and limp. They entered through the bathroom window to help remove the dog. However, after further examination, the deputies saw the dog had a second screw in his paw inside the door frame.

Deputies and animal control had to pull the dog’s paw from the screw because the screw was deep into the paw and deputies could not access the head of the screw, officials said. The dog was removed from the bathroom and placed into a deputy’s car.

Deputies were then notified that a truck was pulling into the front yard and the mother said it was her son, according to the sheriff’s deputies.

A deputy approached the truck and saw Tyler Jerdo exit it. The deputy told Jerdo that he was under arrest and to place his hands behind his back. Jerdo argued with the deputy and when the deputy touched Jerdo, he began resisting arrest. Deputies wrestled him to the ground and he was advised multiple times to put his hands behind his back.

Jerdo began swinging his elbows in an attempt to escape deputies, according to the sheriff’s office. A deputy told Jerdo if he did not comply he would be tased. Jerdo continued to resist and was stunned in his right thigh. He continue to resist arrest and was tased a second time.

Using the taser allowed deputies to place handcuffs on Jerdo as he continued to resist arrest. He was placed in the deputy’s vehicle after the second stun.

Deputies went back around the house to collect evidence and Jerdo could be heard front yard screaming, deputies said. Jerdo had escaped from the back of the patrol vehicle and was attempting to flee the scene. Nevertheless, deputies were able to gain control of him again and use more physical force to place him back into the patrol vehicle.

Jerdo head-butted a deputy in the forehead and continued to resist, according to the sheriff’s office. After using hand control and physical force, Jerdo was taken to the Union County Detention Center. He was charged with escaping, ill-treatment of animals (torture), resisting arrest and possession with intent to distribute methamphetamine.

He is being held without bond.