SPARTANBURG, SC (WSPA) – Democratic presidential hopeful Kamala Harris is making her 6th visit to South Carolina, campaigning two days in the Upstate. 

She hosted a televised town hall in Spartanburg Tuesday. 

“We’ve been impressed with Kamala Harris,” said voter Steven Smith. “The way she handles herself on the senate floor, the way she works in committee shows she could be a very very powerful leader.”

He was among the people lined up at Wofford College to hear the senator from California. 

“I’m ready for someone who has integrity and honesty to be a the helm of our government,” said Amelia Smith.

Protesters stood outside the venue holding signs.

“I think South Carolina is clearly emerging as a competitive environment on the democratic side,” said Wofford College President and political science expert Nayef Samhat. “I think it’s important to energize the democratic base here in the state in order to generate great turnout for the general election.”

Recent polls rank her third in the palmetto state behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Voters say Harris needs more support.

“Hearing her and seeing her up front more, understanding where she’s coming from, knowing she’s a strong woman,” said Alice Wilkins.

Ahead of Tuesday’s town hall Harris announced that if she becomes president, she would back legislation requiring states seeking to restrict abortion laws to first get federal approval. 

“In a state like south carolina, staying in kind of a moderate frame of mind with that powerful message that touches people – their concerns, their needs, material and otherwise, would be the key to success,” Samhat said. 

With a crowded democratic field, Samhat says it’ll take an energized democratic base to get voters across the country, including the historically red state of South Carolina.

“With all that has been happening, with the country being divided the way that it is, I think a lot of people are tired of that and they want to see civility and I think that it can be flipped,” said Bishop Robbie Wilkins, who traveled from Gaffney to hear Harris speak. 

During the town hall, Harris discussed topics such as healthcare, the recent abortion bills, equal pay, and President Donald Trump.

Wednesday Upstate campaign stops: 

Anderson Meet & Greet
11:45 AM, Doors Open 11:15 AM
Westside Community Center, 1100 West Franklin, Street Anderson, SC 29624

Greenville Women’s Meet & Greet
1:45 PM
15 Welling Circle, Greenville, SC 29607

Education Town Hall
3:30 PM, Doors Open 2:45PM
West End Community Center, 404 Vardry St, Greenville, SC 29601