BOILING SPRINGS, S.C. (WSPA) – Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright announced a major drug bust that he said was valued at almost a million dollars.

At a press conference Thursday afternoon, Wright said a narcotics team found the drugs off Old Furnace Road in Boiling Springs area Wednesday.

Jennifer Chasidy Cole, 37, of Forest Hill, N.C., Robin Brian Frady, 44, of Mooresboro, N.C., and Jonathan Blake Willingham, 32, of Pacolet, were arrested during the bust, according to Wright. 

According to the sheriff’s office, investigators learned that Willingham would be going to a house in the 1400 block of Old Furnace Road in the Boiling Springs area.

Willingham was wanted by Cherokee County for an outstanding general sessions bench warrant. Deputies said Willingham had a history of fleeing from law enforcement.

Investigators along with deputies from the traffic unit, the warrant division and a K-9 unit were conducting surveillance of the area at about 3:45 p.m. Wednesday when a red tow truck pulled into the driveway, according to the sheriff’s office. 

Investigators said they saw Willingham get out of the passenger side of the truck carrying a large duffel bag. They said he went into the house briefly before coming back out and meeting with another man who was in the tow truck, later identified as Frady.

As deputies approached the residence, Willingham ran away towards the backyard, according to the sheriff’s office. Willingham was arrested after he was taken down by a K-9. Deputies arrested Cole and Frady at the tow truck. 

Frady gave deputies permission to search the truck, according to the sheriff’s office. Deputies found a white bag under the front bumper that contained approximately 360 grams of methamphetamine. They also searched the duffel bag that Willingham had been carrying. Deputies said all of the contents inside of bag were covered in meth.

Deputies said they knocked on the door of the house to find an 8-year-old boy and a 10-year-old boy were the only ones home. 

Deputies obtained a search warrant for the residence. 

In total, they found eight kilograms of meth and a kilogram of heroin. 

Wright said the total street value is about $983,000.

“As I turn in the drive I could see several county police cars,” recalled Eddie Foster, who lives nearby. “It’s kind of alarming to know that’s this close to where you live. There’s always danger when you involve drugs and a lot of money. I don’t like it too much in my front yard, no.”

During the press conference, Sheriff Wright praised the investigators who worked the case.  

“We’re really proud to be able to get all this. This is death right here you see. These here are some things that some of our kids won’t ever experience and I don’t have to tell you how bad the heroin is. The heroin is really bad,” Wright said. 

According to Wright, the drugs were brought to Spartanburg County from elsewhere and the main suspect in this case.

“This willingham gentleman has been a thorn in some three or four different county’s sides,” said Sheriff Wright.

Willingham has a 15-year-long record that includes charges for drugs, weapons, and stealing.

Wright said deputies have been working on the case for five weeks.

During the bust, deputies said they found out that Cole had three outstanding general sessions bench warrants for her arrest.