GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA)- The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a shooting in Taylors that left an elderly woman dead.

“Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and her family,” said Lt. Ryan Flood, Greenville County Sheriff’s Office. “I just can’t imagine going through something like this, in just a split second, their lives flipped upside down.”

Deputies said they were called to the intersection of Wade Hampton Boulevard and Edwards Mill Road around 4 p.m. and found Betty Amick in the passenger seat of a car, with at least one gunshot wound to the chest.

“The investigation, the exact motive is still underway right now, but we do believe it’s a road rage incident between two vehicles at a red light, at some point in time an altercation occurred which led to the victim sustaining a gunshot wound,” said Flood.

Deputies believe 26-year-old Jonathan Luben shot into the occupied vehicle, striking Amick. He is now facing multiple charges, including murder.

In a statement to 7NEWS, Amick’s family said “in a world that seems to be full of anger and hate, she was the example of love and peace.” They said she never missed any events her grandchildren participated in, and “was always smiling.” They said she was on the way to her 76th birthday party.

Lt. Flood said deputies monitor highways so they can act quickly in situations like this.

“Our deputies are on the roadways trying to monitor these things, trying to enforce people who are driving badly, people who are driving out of anger,” said Flood.

Now he said it’s important for drivers to know what to do in a potential road rage incident.

“If you encounter someone who’s expressing some sort of negative sentiment towards you on the roadways, if you safely turn off and go a different direction we encourage you to do so,” said Flood. “The best thing to do is to just not interact and not engage with them because you just don’t know if there are firearms in the car or if they plan on using them, you don’t know what their intentions are.”

Deputies said Luben is being held at the Greenville County Detention Center where he remains on no bond.

The Greenville County Coroner’s Office conducted an autopsy on Monday, ruling the manner of death to be a homicide. They are continuing to investigate alongside the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office.