GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Deputies and fire crews are trying to figure out who started multiple brush fires along the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville County.

Deputies told 7NEWS six brush fires have been set along the trail within a month of each other.

Walking or riding along the Swamp Rabbit Trail has become part of a nearly daily routine for some Upstate residents. For a period of time, that was the case for Faith Beasley.

“I loved it, I always looked forward to that, got my steps in and got to enjoy the views,” said Faith Beasley.

But her walk on Tuesday afternoon brought something unexpected.

“We were walking and I smelled something that smelled like burning and we looked to the left, and the whole section looks like it has been burned,” Beasley explained.

Duncan Chapel’s fire chief said the charred branches are the result of one of six brush fires they believe have been intentionally set in a short period of time.

“Within about a 20-day period, we’ve had multiple points of origin fires on the Swamp Rabbit Trail,” Chief Russell Watson with the Duncan Chapel Fire District told us.

Chief Russell Watson said none of the fires have been major but they want them to stop before any flames get out of control.

“At this point, it’s just a nuisance, it’s tying up resources that we could be using other places,” said Chief Watson.

Not only a nuisance but for some avid users of this trail, it’s creating a wave of concern.

“It’s pretty terrifying because so many people do use it and it’s a real treasure to our town,” Sandy Hardaway told 7NEWS.

Deputies told 7NEWS these fires are happening in the middle of the night to early morning hours. They have primarily been reported between Roe Ford Road and Edwards Street in Travelers Rest.

If you know anything about how these fires are being started, you’re urged to call Crime Stoppers of Greenville at (864) 232-7463.