ANDERSON, SC (WSPA) – The Upstate continues to grow as more businesses and people move to the area.    
While the city of Anderson is 14 square miles, they are working on their comeback story.

“My daughter took me to see the downtown and there was nothing hardly any buildings had occupants it was really kind of depressing,” said Lois Buckman who lives in downtown Anderson.

Lately, redevelopment is the focus for the city.

“For me, it’s not just about bringing the new, but preserving the old,” said John Wright Jr. who is a commercial developer.

Wright is investing and working to bring back a building that has sat nearly empty for a decade. With four floors, it’s the tallest commercial building in downtown. One corporate company is already moved in and another committed bringing more than 100 high paying jobs to the area.

“We need blue collar jobs, but specifically in a downtown setting white collar corporate jobs with disposable income go such along way for our neighboring businesses restaurants and storefronts,” Wright said.

The new developments are already making a huge impact on the local businesses now filling the Main Street storefronts.
“They saw my hair salon and I had walk ins welcome on the door and they needed a haircut because their company used to be in Clemson, but now they are here and they came to my salon and I’m super excited,” said Kristi Pulliam who is a local business owner.

City officials and developers alike said this nearly $3 million investment is only the beginning.

“The most promient commercial building sitting vacant for that long is almost like the elephant in the room so for us coming in and doing what we are doing it’s really going to bring to light the rest of downtown,” Wright said.

It’s a change that residents and business owners are welcoming with open arms.

“I think Anderson was striving already, but this development is going to bring more business for the locals and Anderson in general,” Pulliam said.
The new building will hopefully be complete and all the new companies moved in by June.